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Confit of Wine

Our wine confits are prepared in a traditional way in a jam pan and are exclusively made from our Chinon wine in red and rosé. They are mainly used in cooking to link sauces or to accompany your desserts.


Usage tips :


Rosé wine confits are easy to accompany toast, pancakes, brioches, white cheeses…

While the red wine confits link sauces, marinated meats, duck breasts and can also be tasted with hot or cold goat cheeses on toast. Topped on an apple pie, it is a delight or as a garnish in baked apples.



Composition: Red or rosé wine, gelling sugar, spices.


Grape juice

The feast of the little wolves is a delicious drink for all those who cannot or do not want to drink alcohol.


This grape juice is prepared as soon as picked up. it is de-husked, pressed and then put in tanks. At the end of 3 to 4 hours, the time that it takes a little color, one makes a bleeding, ie that one extracts juice to put it in another tank. it is then cold at around 4 ° so that it does not ferment.


Composition: 100% grape juice.

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