Our red wines

Cuvée Gabriel

Chinon from young vines in gravelly plains. Vinified in tanks, it is a light and fruity wine, which will delight your barbecues with friends, as well as fish lovers.

Serve at 11-12 °

Fosse aux Loups

This selection on pebble and gravel soils gives off a bouquet marked by red fruits with a spicy note. Accompany your tongues with oxen and small game.

Serve at 12 °

L'Esprit du Loup

This vintage represents Chinon, as our grandparents did. From the vine to the tank, from the tank to the bottle. As grandpa said to grandma, this cuvée is to be drunk on a coq au vin.

Serve at 13 °

Croix Boissée

From old vines, it is a cuvée with intense red fruit scents after a barrel aging of a dozen months. It is an ideal wine for keeping with game and other legs.

Serve at 14 °